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Hi, welcome to Soul Segments where we do tarot, love, and life. I hope that you’ll find something to brighten your day and encourages you on your journey of self.

Soul Segments Personal Reading Options Via Pre-Recorded Video Reading💕
Soul Segments presents your question(s) to universal energies and incorporates astrological and planetary influences while incorporating the 4 elements of stabilizing earth, cleansing water, air-ruled communication, and spontaneous, yet focused fire. Tarot cards and oracle decks aid in reflection of energy, identification of blockages and uncover channeled messages to illuminate, and support clients journey of self.

You may order a Pre-Recorded Video reading at any time, day or night just by selecting the best option for you ($75 option or $110 option), paying via

Include your question(s), in the NOTES or MESSAGE section on PayPal during checkout OR email with your question(s).
Please remember to include your name, zodiac sign, phone number, and email address.

Soul Segments Guidelines:
*** Personal readings support the growth of self, and encourage sound judgement.
*** Please limit your question(s) to 3-5 sentences or one well written paragraph.
*** Soul Segments will not attempt to obtain information or intentions of the life
choices, happenings or personal business of someone else’s life or journey that
does not directly apply to you. This means Soul Segments will not violate any ethical
or moral standards to satisfy curiosity or opinion for any sum of money, and will not
honor the request of information.
*** Tarot should not take the place of Mental or Behavioral Health assistance when
*** Soul Segments practices Energetic & Spiritual Integrity. This means Soul Segments
will not attempt readings without consent of that individual regarding their life.
*** Refund will be provided if Soul Segments is unable to assist via Tarot with client

$75 – 1 Question Reading As Pre-Recorded Video
$110 – 2 Question Reading As Pre-Recorded Video

Email Veronica:
Checkout or Donations:

Email Veronica:
Checkout or Donations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my Pre-Recorded Video reading?
-Within 3-5 days of initial order and payment.

Q: What information should I provide?
-Your name & phone number, email address.
-Zodiac sign
-Question, questions, or desired focus.

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Twitter @SSegments

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Soul Segments Tarot Policy & Disclaimer:
Tarot is a guide. Consult a medical or legal professional for medical and or business matters. Client assumes full responsibility for decisions and actions outside of the coaching or entertainment services provided during any phone, video, or emailed communication. Rates and or service costs are non-refundable.

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, Thank you for sharing in the energy of Soul Segments!


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