Carnivore Conquers 7-Day Fast, Bacterial Infection, & Depression · Mikhaila Peterson · #132

Mikhaila Peterson has officially coined her version of the carnivore diet: The Lion Diet.

Strictly sticking to ruminant meat, salt, and water cured Mikhaila of her autoimmune issues back in 2018. Most recently, she’s been experimenting with multi-day intermittent fasting as another lifestyle and nutritional intervention.

While Mikhaila initially targeted for fat loss, she also found that fasting was a profound tool for mental health and emotional stability.

What else happens when a carnivore embarks on a 7-day fast? Let’s find out.

In this episode, Geoff and Mikhaila discuss:

· 7-Day Fasting: Experience, biomarker data, lessons learned, and tips & tricks

· The carnivore diet and how it may have affected Mikhaila’s microbiome (resulting in C. Difficile infection)

· Evolution of the carnivore community

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