Progressives call for Warren-Sanders truce, fearing feud could lift

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When Senator Elizabeth Warren walked up to Senator Bernie Sanders after Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, refused to shake his hand and exchanged only a few words with her rival 2020 presidential candidate, it seemed like the progressive wing of the Democratic party would sink into more infighting. But a day later, supporters of both candidates and neutral liberal figures were keen to find some kind of off-ramp. The fear is that the longer the row goes between the two candidates, the higher the chances that neither of them will benefit and instead a larger pathway to the party’s nomination for the White House will open up for a more centrist candidate like the former vice-president Joe Biden or the former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg.“I think that what is most constructive is that progressives across this country unite in fighting against the corporate wing rather than fighting against each other,” said Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of the liberal political action committee Democracy for America.“There is way more that unites these candidates than divides them. Only Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are talking about Medicare for All, a Green New Deal. They’re the ones that are talking about closing the gap between the working class and the millionaire class. These are the only two candidates that are entirely funded by small-dollar contributions instead of big money and private one-on-one fundraisers,” he added. The feud happened quickly. Last week Warren and Sanders were still acting on a sort of civil detente the two had followed for most of the cycle, refraining from attacking each other. But over the weekend Politico reported on a set of talking points the Sanders campaign had been circulating to organizers urging them to say that Warren’s supporters were really only wealthy Democrats and she would not bring in new voters. Then another report, from CNN, came out saying that during the 2018 meeting in which Sanders and Warren discussed their interest in running for president in 2020, Sanders said that a woman couldn’t win. Sanders has repeatedly denied saying that, including when asked about it during the debate. Warren, also during the debate, maintained Sanders did say it. Then, at the end of the debate, Warren approached Sanders and as he outstretched his hand, she didn’t shake it; she started talking and Sanders shook his head. After a few more words, the two walked away from each other. Neither campaign has offered more information on what was said. Immediately after the debate, Sanders’ senior adviser Jeff Weaver told reporters that he did not know more about what was said but that the two senators remained friends. The exchange did not look friendly, though. On Wednesday, two hashtags were trending on Twitter: #neverwarren and #warrenisasnake. The Nebraska Democratic party chairwoman, Jane Kleeb, said fighting between Warren supporters and Sanders supporters was unhelpful.“We need them – the moderate and

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Progressives call for Warren-Sanders truce, fearing feud could lift:

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