2019 World Series Predictions and MLB Playoffs Preview – Who Will Win the World Series? (BFTC)

On the eve of the 2019 MLB Playoffs, our sports betting experts give you their baseball picks and MLB predictions! Who will win the 2019 World Series, and which teams will advance from round to round? Join Drew Goldfarb, Jim Beviglia and Taylor Smith for their baseball predictions for the entire postseason!

In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Washington Nationals in the Wild Card Game, while it’ll be the Tampa Bay Rays taking on the Oakland Athletics in the AL Wild Card Game.

Waiting in the Division Series round are the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals (who will face-off in the NLDS) and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL. The Dodgers will take on the winner of the NL Wild Card Game. On the American League side of things, the New York Yankees will face the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS, while the Houston Astros will have home-field advantage throughout the postseason. They’ll get started against the winner of the American League Wild Card Game.

The winning teams square off in the NLCS and ALCS, respectively, before finally getting to the 2019 World Series.

0:52 – Wild Card Game predictions
4:50 – National League Division Series predictions
8:38 – American League Division Series predictions
12:54 – NLCS and ALCS predictions
17:14 – 2019 World Series predictions
19:58 – End of Season Betting For The Cycle Recap/Wrap-Up

So which teams will make it through? Can any team prevent the Dodgers from running through the National League? Will the Yankees (or another team) be able to slow down the Houston Astros? Check out the video for our sports betting picks, and give us your thoughts down in the comments below!


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