Awesome Movies From 2019 That Sadly No One’s Talking About

Wondering what to watch tonight? There are a bunch of underrated films you may have missed so far this year and they’re really worth checking out. Here are a few hidden gems that may have flown under your radar in 2019 – underappreciated movies you already missed in 2019.

The whip-smart comedy Egg stars Alysia Reiner as an artist named Tina, and Gbenga Akinnagbe as her husband, Wayne. Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks plays Karen, Tina’s so-called “best friend” from art school a compulsively cruel mother-to-be.

Tina thinks she’s gained the upper hand when she invites Karen and her husband Doug played by David Alan Basche over to her New York loft to make a major announcement:

That’s thanks to the bubbly blonde surrogate Kiki, portrayed by Anna Camp. She may seem ditzy, but she’s certainly not innocent.

Full of biting wit and sharp social commentary, Egg is a fiercely funny comedy of manners that brilliantly explores the weirdness of motherhood.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, High Flying Bird slyly subverts the sports movie genre in a way that’s both stylish and admirably risky. The film centers around sports agent Ray Burke, portrayed by André Holland. After he discovers a loophole during a professional basketball league lockout, Ray hatches a plan that could help him advance his career and fulfill his obligations to Erick, his young basketball client. The prospect of forever changing the world of pro basketball proves hard to resist…

Shot entirely on an iPhone, High Flying Bird has the kind of sleek aesthetic and structure that grabs you by the wrist and pushes you straight down the rabbit hole. The film hit Netflix in early February, right after Velvet Buzzsaw and Russian Doll premiered. A lot of viewers probably missed out on High Flying Bird because they simply had too many options to choose from. The good news is: you can watch it on Netflix right now. Score!

In A Vigilante, actress Olivia Wilde plays Sadie, a domestic abuse survivor who sets out to save other victims from their violent partners. Meanwhile, she continues to hunt down her vile husband, portrayed by Morgan Spector. He’s such a despicable man, no one dares speak his name out loud. Keep watching the video to see more Awesome Movies From 2019 That Sadly No One’s Talking About!

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Egg | 0:12
High Flying Bird | 1:04
A Vigilante | 1:58
Dragged Across Concrete | 2:35
To Dust | 3:21
Transit | 4:05
The Kid Who Would Be King | 4:47
Don’t Come Back from the Moon | 5:51
Paddleton | 6:57
The Standoff at Sparrow Creek | 8:02
Arctic | 8:52
Never Grow Old | 9:44
The Breaker Upperers | 10:23

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