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Haiti’s interim government has asked Washington and the United Nations to send hundreds of troops to protect its key infrastructure following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The US and Colombia have already agreed to send intelligence officials to help the investigation. Haitian police say they’ve captured seventeen suspects and killed three. The manhunt for eight others continues. Moïse’s killing has created a power vacuum, and the turmoil has left many Haitians wondering whether they still have a future in their country.
In the capital, Porte-au-Prince, scare Haitians are trying to find a way out of the country by lining in front of the American Embassy.
Dozens of people have come to the US embassy in Porte-au-Prince, desperate to find a way out of the country. The president’s assassination has left Haitians shocked and fearing for their safety. Some see no other solution but to flee.
The investigation into president Jovenel Moïse ‘s murder is underway. Haitian police have detained a group of former soldiers from Colombia and two dual Haitian-American citizens.
Colombian police said their nationals implicated in the murder were recruited by four companies and traveled to Haiti via the Dominican Republic.
Haiti’s interim government has asked the US to send troops to help it safeguard its key infrastructure. But, for the time being, the US has no plans to do so. Both Washington and Bogotá have pledged to send officials to support the investigation.
The assassination has also exposed political fault lines, as different factions vie to lead the country.
Two men are staking claims to become prime minister – while the Senate has nominated a third to take charge as provisional president.
The poorest nation in Latin America has struggled to achieve political stability for decades, amid a series of coups and rising gang violence. The assassination of president Moise is plunging it into even deeper chaos, with civilians fearing they’ll bear the cost.

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