Healthy living and Alzheimer’s disease prevention

there are things we can do now, to reduce our risk of serious memory issues later.
Joining us to explain, Dr. Kristina Zdanys from the UConn Health Center on Aging and Christy Kovel, Director of Public Policy for the Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Thanks for being here.

Dr. Zdanys, tell us about this new lifestyle study?
And this is adopting these things, not just doing them once…
Christy Is this the only lifestyle and dementia evidence?

Dr. Zdanys. what kind of cognitive stimulation is good for us?

and another study just out talks about sleep medications… what did that say?
so what do you suggest for those of us who have trouble sleeping?

And Christy, some good news from the Governor’s office recently…there is a new law?

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