Housing Bubble 2.0 – Top 20 US Metros Home Seller Gains – Mortgage Rates Hit Another Low

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Housing Crash – Real Estate Bubble 2.0 – Home Prices
Housing Correction – Market Shift – Foreclosures – Short Sales
2020 Housing Market – 2020 Real Estate Market
Housing Bubble Burst – Economic Collapse 2020
Housing Market Crash – Will The Market Crash in 2020
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Pre-Foreclosures – Realtor – Housing Market 2020
Buying A House – Housing Crash 2020
Real Estate Investing – Real Estate Investing 101
Investing with No Money Down – Case Shiller Home Price Index

Today is January 31st 2020 and Randy will discuss the following topics:

Pending Home Sale Index Collapse
Top 20 US Home Price Gain Metros
Mortgage Info Updates



Homeownership rate rises to a 6-year high


Mortgage rates fall to the second-lowest level in three years

Fannie Mae warns lenders: There is a growing list of fake employers showing up on mortgages

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