New Technology and Old Rules: Constructing a Crypto Regulatory Framework—SEC Regulation

Cryptocurrency regulation sits at the intersection of multiple regulatory regimes: financial markets regulators and banking regulators, among many others, have asserted authority over certain aspects of crypto regulation, which has resulted in an overlapping and incomplete regulatory framework that has drawn criticism from both proponents and skeptics of crypto innovation. So, how is cryptocurrency regulated? How should it be regulated? Who should regulate it? Cato’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives is looking at these questions with a series that examines the roles of different regulators and considers what type of regulatory framework should be adopted to balance the risks and innovative potential of cryptocurrencies.

This third panel addresses the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in regulating cryptocurrency, focusing on the current state of regulation at the SEC and discussing the benefits and limitations of the SEC’s regulation in this space. Join Peter Van Valkenburgh, Carol Goforth, and Nicholas Losurdo in a panel moderated by David Hollerith from Yahoo Finance to discuss the SEC’s role in crypto regulation.


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