Rocketman | Four Seasons of Film Podcast | Ep. 299

Nathan, Scotty, and Andy discuss the Elton John biopic, “Rocketman” on this week’s Four Seasons of Film Podcast. This episode is sponsored by Philz Coffee. DOWNLOAD:

Show Notes:

* .55 Weird to be back in the theaters this year
* 2.14 Warning about the movie and using your phone
* 3.30 Are Biopics being overdone right now?
* 3.55 Did know that much about the rise of Elton John?
* 4.42 Elton & The Great American Songbook
* 5.15 Madman Across the Water
* 5.53 Copping Elton’s style
* 6.10 Creative movies/inspirational
* 6.55 Elton’s non-supportive family
* 7.40 The musical style of the film
* 9.00 Dexter and the attention to detail
* 9.35 Tarantino and shooting on locations
* 10.15 Taron Egerton
* Star on the rise
* 10.52 All the good actors do comic movies
* 13.02 Entertaining Movie
* 14.30 Bernie and Elton’s songwriting
* Is Andy going to say he is a superstar
* 15.15 Spoiling by not spoiling and other examples
* 17.10 Musical numbers and this movies fresh take
* 17.38 Rami vs Taron
* 18.22 Costumes and the Movie Legend
* 19.35 Dueling Piano bars
* 20.07 Pinball Wizard
* 20.50 Im still standing music video
* 21.30 Bryce Dallas casting choice
* 22.50 Garret Hedlund
* 23.55 Dress rehearsal for making this a broadway musical
* 24.15 Child stars/teen stars breaking their mold, Richard Madden
* 26.12 Elton watching his sex orgy on sets
* 26.36 B12 and using fake cocaine on sets
* 28.25 Andys Tony Montana accent
* 29.55 Queen vs Elton
* Farewell Tours
* 31.40 Tarantino’s Godzilla

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