Unique symptoms associated with the omicron variant

Doctors at hospitals and urgent cares are seeing more patients are coming in reporting newer symptoms associated with the omicron variant of COVID including night sweats.

“Night sweats. I got night sweats, which I did not know was a symptom of COVID. I went and looked online to see if that was a symptom. And it turns out that it is,” said Jason Borgmann, an Escondido father.

Doctors say night sweats weren’t a common symptom with previous COVID variant cases but are with omicron.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic with COVID 19 it’s always been a bucket of crazy symptoms,” said Dr. Davey Smith, UCSD Chief of Infectious Diseases and Global Health.

Full story at CBS8.com: https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/red-noses-night-sweats-unique-symptoms-omicron-variant-san-diego-covid-coronavirus/509-69d0c0b4-e2f2-414b-8b90-8f35f9c443fd

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