US President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Discuss the War in Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at a bilateral meeting as they discuss ending the war in Afghanistan through means of a political settlement.

The United States and Pakistan are jointly seeking a way to end the war in Afghanistan, Trump said alongside Khan in the Oval Office on Monday, July 22.

“We’re working with Pakistan and others on getting an agreement signed” with the Taliban while the United States continues to “very slowly and very safely” reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan, said Trump during his initial meeting with Khan at the White House.

The Pakistani prime minister declared “this is the closest we’ve been to a peace deal in Afghanistan. There’s no military solution in Afghanistan.”

In the coming days, Khan added, there are hopes of getting “the Taliban to speak to the Afghan government.”

Khan complimented Trump for his efforts, saying “he has forced people to end the war, to have a settlement” adding Pakistan has an important role to play as it shares a 2,400-kilometer border with Afghanistan.

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