Operation Hope For Paws Rescue Dog With Broken Leg After Hurricane Ida in Louisiana

Operation #HopeForPaws #RescueDog With Broken Leg After #HurricaneIda Meet Andrew, the sweetest dog with a broken leg ever rescued from a Hurricane!

Members of the nonprofits World Animal Awareness Society and The Loralee Foundation of Austin Texas were in Houma, Louisiana to assist the people and their pets after the devastation Hurricane Ida wreaked on the area.

Here’s a GoFundMe that was setup to help the people of Ashland North Mobile Home Park: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hurricane-ida-relief-for-ashland-north-houma-la

Hurricane Ida brought Ashland Park residents to their knees quite literally as most in the neighborhood spent the hours and days praying and crying once Hurricane Ida released its fury and tore the façade away from everyone’s life and livelihood. The crying and the praying hasn’t stopped for a moment as the community comes together with their neighbors for the first time since the storm, with the simple question, “How Are You?”

Everything is needed in Ashland North Mobile Home Park as everything they knew is now gone.

Please help the people and animals of Ashland North Mobile Home Park in Houma, LA by Adopting Ashland!

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